Cities are ever-evolving. Physical and metaphysical beings always intertwine together. The changing, deconstructing and reconstructing state of their environment in turn affects their people. Through black and white street photography, I intend to document not only the changing townscape but also the people there in.

For no reason I fall in love with photography again in 2006. In turning the fleeting moments into shades of light, I surrendered the convenience of a digital camera and reverted back to the silver print technology. I had a newfound appreciation for the traditional photography, which allowed me to stretch the technical limits of photography and expand the meaning behind it at the same time. Freezing a fraction of a moment onto film, I intent not to capture history but to note I am a part of it.

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Guestbook for Edward Ho
13.Dolce Vita(non-registered)
Master Edho, its a real pleasure to appreciate your works. Every picture exhibits perfect exposure and composition, and is a great source of inspiration. Always look forward to your new works.
Amazing work master edho !
Great works!
nice sharing your works, and wish there is occasion for us to shoot and experience architecture together.
also, enjoy chatting with you.
Dear Edward,
Thanks for sharing your great work! They are marvellous b&w photos. You have made excellent use of light, shadow and line in your work.
Wish you the success in photography and enjoy taking picture!
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